Important B2B eCommerce metrics & KPIs

Important B2B eCommerce metrics & KPIs

The effectiveness of companies’ promotion in the b2b market can be optimally estimated by the following indicators: leads flow, sales growth, increase of new products sales, availability of relevant and sufficient for decision-making information about the market (market research). There are also image objectives: increasing brand awareness, creating the desired image, maximum satisfaction of consumer needs. Not all managers, especially commercial and general directors, are confident in the feasibility of evaluation according to such indicators. In this article we will talk about Important B2B eCommerce metrics & KPIs.

Sales volume and their dynamics 

Of course, no one cancels the direct responsibility of the sales department for this indicator and the indirect responsibility of all other departments. But the positive dynamics of sales in broad strokes still shows the activity of your marketing. How to count? In dollars, pieces, tons, boxes. You can count in all at once. The main thing here is the dynamics, positive or negative. The salesman implements his plan or works to achieve the percentage. The marketer should have a maximum impact on these dynamics through lead generation, loyalty programs, and the like. 


High sales are too easy a metric to be trusted alone. High sales do not mean profit for the company. Marketing is responsible for creating a product portfolio which has the right balance of high margin, turnover generating products which help solve the company’s other financial issues. How to measure? Total margin is probably too approximate a category in the case of assessing the effectiveness of marketing. It makes sense to measure profit by new products, by products in a dedicated category: special, VIP, locomotives, and so on. 

Cost of client attraction 

The simplest formula to calculate: Divide the amount of sales and marketing costs by the number of customers. Ideally, the cost of attracting a customer should decrease. 

Deal Cycle Length

This metric complements the previous one. A deal in b2b can take weeks, months, or even years to close. Professional marketing should search for means to influence the reduction of the deal cycle: to provide the sales department with actual presentations, information from the market, clear and convincing cases, selling website, souvenirs. 

Conversion metrics 

Depending on the industry, the specific seasonality of the business, the scale of the company each company determines for itself the optimal conversion rates. It does not always have to be tied to the transaction, for example, the ratio of incoming leads to sales. 

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