Digital catalog in B2B eCommerce

Digital catalog in B2B eCommerce

A convenient and stylish product catalog is a reliable tool for attracting potential customers. Despite the rapid development of the Internet and smartphone applications, the printed booklet is not becoming obsolete and remains an effective advertising channel. Branded booklet-catalogs are produced even by large corporations. But how do you make a Digital catalog in B2B eCommerce attractive to the target audience and what should a digital catalog be like in B2B eCommerce?

General rules for filling a product catalog

By making a catalog of your products, you can expand your customer base and offer potential customers all the unique products supplied by your company. A product catalog is an opportunity to introduce your assortment even to the audience which will never visit your outlets. The design of product catalogs is one of the most important tasks of a marketer. How clear and presentable this document is (both printed and digital), will determine the first impression of a potential customer and his willingness to buy from you.

  • Gather all the necessary information. Before you start designing your catalog, make sure you’ve gathered all the information and materials you need for it. To make a catalog of products (in PDF or other format), prepare: pictures of products, their general list, descriptions of each item. Other information such as company profiles, customer reviews, certificates and anything else that might encourage a consumer to buy from you will also be helpful.
  • Make images of products visually appealing. Product images are one of the first things a potential customer’s eye falls on. Therefore, the product image should be appealing, encouraging to purchase the item as soon as possible! You can, of course, try to take pictures of the product range yourself, but if your photographic skills are poor, call in a professional.
  • Know the specifics of your products. Before you start creating a catalog, gather all the basic data on the products – first of all, their technical specifications. That is, you need to make a catalog of products in Excel. Put all the items with their numbers and prices (including starting prices and prices with discounts) into a common table.
  • Make a description of the products. The optimal size of the product description in the catalog is 50-150 words. When describing the product, list its main functions and technical characteristics, name a few advantages.
  • Write additional information. Writing texts for the catalog of goods, break them into paragraphs and try to make sentences concise. Do not get carried away with technical terminology. Each category in the catalog should have an introductory page or cover with brief information about the benefits of that type of product and what products it actually includes.
  • Wholesale Prices. You should also include the cost of each product when buying a large batch.

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