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09:00 – 09:30 AM     Warm-up: Think, Create, Inspire, Repeat


It is safe to say that we will also start the day with joy and directly get back into a creative, collaborative and impactful working mode. 




During this Plenary Session, we will have a panel discussion with a clear focus on social business ecosystems and the interplay of stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds, followed by two keynote presentations on the State of the World and the Agenda of the Future.


Social Business Ecosystems: Fostering Partnerships to Create Social Impact

  • Ulrich Villis (European Leader Social Impact Practice Boston Consulting Group)
  • Saskia Bruysten (Co-Founder & CEO Yunus Social Business)
  • Ashraful Hassan (Managing Director Grameen Telecom)
  • Jean-Luc Perron (Managing Director Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation)
  • Jean Bernou (CEO McCain Continental Europe/Middle East and Africa)
  • Moderator: Dr. Anita Nowak (Professor McGill University)

Agenda of the Future 2

  • Nick Haan (Faculty Chair Global Grand Challenges Singularity University)

Pitching Session Session 1


11:00 – 11:30 am     YY KNOWLEDGE BREAK



Similar to the first day, we will continue with a parallel program that will allow participants to dive deep into a variety of topics. While participants can again choose from a variety of topics for the focus groups, they could also join one of the Parallel Sessions focusing on Youth Unemployment and Social Business around the Globe.


Parallel Session 4 “Social Business to tackle Youth Unemployment”

  • Leila Charfi (Country Director Yunus Social Business Tunisia)

  • Lamiya Morshed (Executive Director Yunus Centre)

  • Ebtehal T. Elgamrawy (Social Development Worker)

  • Moderator: Fionn Dobbin (Founder Not Perfect Education)

Parallel Session 5 “Social Business all around the globe - a status quo” 

  • Duncan Power (Co-CEO Grameen Australia)

  • Lopa Merhotra (Co-CEO Grameen Australia)

  • Rogerio Oliveira (Country Director Yunus Social Business Brazil)

  • Robert Okodia (Founder / CEO ARYODI Bee Farm)

  • Peter Spiegel (CEO Genesis Institute for Social Innovation and Impact Strategies)

  • Christian Vanizette (Co-Founder MakeSense)

  • Enrico Testi (Director Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence)
  • Parveen Mahmud (Managing Director Grameen Telecom Trust)
  • Dr. Wang Yong (Executive Director Grameen China)
  • Nir Gordon (Founder ESCO)

  • YY Contest Winner (Kyushu University Japan)

  • Moderator: Leonhard Nima (Founder Nima Social Business Consulting)

Focus Groups - Part 2

Click here for the Focus Groups Overview.


01:00 – 02:30 pm     Lunch: FOOD FOR THOUGHT

02:30 – 04:00 pm     PARALLEL Sessions: THE IMPACT


After lunch we will continue with the parallel program and participants can choose from several new topics for the focus groups. During the parallel sessions, we will pick up the topic of social impact measurement, which has been discussed during the GSBS in Malaysia in 2013.


Parallel Session 6 “Social Impact Measurement – Still a curse or a cure?”

  • Sophie Eisenmann (Co-Founder & CFO Yunus Social Business)

  • Andreas Heinecke (Founder Dialogue Social Enterprise)

  • Dr. Andreas Rickert (CEO Phineo)

  • Nazneen Sultana (Managing Director Grameen Communications)

  • Markus Hipp (Executive Director BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt)
  • Moderator: Frédéric Dalsace Ph.D. (Associate Professor HEC Paris)

Parallel Session 7 “How to live with YY”

  • A special session hosted by Hans Reitz (Head of Global Social Business Summit) This session will be by invitation only

Focus Groups - Part 3

Click here for the Focus Groups Overview.


04:00 – 04:30 pm     YY KNOWLEDGE BREAK

04:30 – 06:00 pm     PLENARY Session: THE JOURNEY AHEAD


Pecha Kucha Session 2

  • Results from the GSBS Academia Conference

  • Results from the Young Challengers Meeting

  • Kerstin Humberg (Founder Yunel)

State of the World 2

  • Thomas Gass (Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs in UN DESA)

Plenary Session „Creating a world without poverty and unemployment“Expert Dialogue with:

  • Thomas Gass (Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs in UN DESA)
  • Saskia Bruysten (CEO Yunus Social Business)
  • Lamiya Morshed (Executive Director Yunus Centre)
  • Saleha Begum (Managing Director, Grameen Byabosha Bikash)

  • Prof. Masaharu Okada (Director of Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center Kyushu University)
  • Felix Oldenburg (Europe Leader and Director Germany Ashoka)

  • Moderator: Hans Reitz (Head of Global Social Business Summit)

06:00 – 06:30 pm     Closing Session: OPENING BORDERS


When we surprise you during our opening, we need to surprise you during our Closing Session as well. Not only a wrap up of all happenings that will be hard to summarize, the session will also provide an outlook on new things to come…one of them the announcement of the GSBS 2016 host city.


Closing Remarks

  • Prof. Huzzatul Islam Latifee (Managing Director Grameen Trust) and Hans Reitz (Head of Global Social Business Summit)


November 11th, 2015

The Global Social Business Summit 2015 - in Berlin, Germany - has come to a bittersweet end. We thank all those who supported us throughout the process; all those who participated in the event; and all those who helped to spread the YY Spirit of the Social Business Movement in the days leading up to - and during - the event.

We can't wait to see all of you in China for the Global Social Business Summit 2016.

Find a selection of photos from the three days of the #GSBS2015 here.



6 Years of GSBS


Grameen Creative Lab YouTube Channel


On our website you can find the latest version of the agenda, session topics & speakers for the Global Social Business Summit 2015, The program is preliminary and subject to change. Stay tuned for the next updates!


Getting Around

The main venue for the Global Social Business Summit 2015 is the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany.